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McPherson’s Rant is an old Scots Folk Song about a Robin Hood Type Character who was hanged.

There is no connection, unless you count the “rant” part.  The world’s a strange place and sometimes a “rant” at absurdity and unfairness is just what’s required.

Here you can expect to find examples of stupidity, irony and idiocy , especially relating to Hong Kong, and with particular attention to the SCMP, and its’ letters page. A common problem with many blogs is their failure to find something new to say, I find the SCMP, and it’s letters page, provides plenty of ammunition on a daily basis and will reference them frequently. If you have your own letter not getting published, put it on our comments section.





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Juxtaposition is a nice word

It’s a nice word!  Roughly means the placement of two contrasting items or concepts near each other  At least I think that’s what it means and I can’t be bothered checking or I may have to change the headline.

In yesterdays SCMP I noticed a few items that fit the criteria and had me chuckling.  The item that caught my attention was a small side bar on page A9 with the headline: “British Minister backs bigger role for Religion.”  Here is the small item: “Europe is threatened by a wave of ‘militant secularism’, and religion should play a bigger role in public life, a British Cabinet minister said.  Sayeeda Warsi, a Muslim, said: “Europe should become more confident and more comfortable in it’s Christianity…Militant secularists have the same intolerant instincts as authoritarian regimes.” Pish, twaddle, crap, bullshit and possibly agenda setting for some militant muslim shite.  But I won’t rip her apart here, she’s made it too easy for me, not least by going to meet the ex-Hitler youth member and protector of pedophiles at the Vatican.

In fact the SCMP did my job for me.

On the same page, leading article: “Bombings hint at tit-for-tat response.” Story? Attacks on Israeli Scientists by Iranians, cause of dispute, Jew Vs Shia Muslim hate. Root? Religion!  The story underneath headlined: ” US warships transit Hormuz strait.” The headline explains the story really, but why is it a story? Tensions between an Evangelical Christian country and again, Shia Muslims, Iran. Religion again! Still on the same page. “We won’t protect Assad Says Wen.”  This story refers to the ongoing strife in Syria. At the root of the strife, beneath the layers of confusion is really Islam’s version of Catholic vs Protestant strife, namely Shia  Vs Sunni. Oh, religion again!

All that on just one page!

So where is the evidence for this militant secular intolerance  woman? Where in the world is there currently religionists being persecuted by militant secularists?

The only militancy secularists and atheists practice is in open debate. Why? Because we want to free those that have been indoctrinated by dogma and coerced into believing myth is fact.  We want to free them to be free thinkers and free the world of religious inspired hatred.

So in my humble opinion, we need less, much less religion in public life, not more and we would quickly see less trouble in all areas of the world.

NB: Found this interesting fact yesterday, the oldest tree in the world is 9000 years old, where does that leave creationists?

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It’s been a while since I guffawed loudly on the bus while reading SCMP.  This morning it happened twice, TWO LAUGHS from me before Mid-day, a hitherto unheard of event.

The first was the main headline: “Cardinal Slams ‘brainwashing’ schools plan.”  I assume good ol’ Cardinal Zen, can’t see the irony as no doubt he was brainwashed at a young age, hence his adherence to a strange obscenely rich sect, led by a strange German, based in the Vatican City.  Lets be clear here, Zen does not want anything to interfere with his own system of brainwashing in Catholic schools.  Catholic education is designed to remove freedom of choice when it comes to religion, and at the same time is expanding in poor countries as poor people are more likely to believe in their promise of an everlasting heaven as they suffer their hell on earth.

Lets not go into the whole predatory priest thing, it’s been done already, but I’ve mentioned before that church’s obscene opposition to condoms which can mitigate poverty in these poor countries, not to mention HIV.

The second guffaw, related to the story: “Philippines rejects US envoy’s sex tourism claim. ” The US Ambassador said last week that 40% of men visiting the Philippines were sex tourists, hardly worth a chuckle, but the retort from New Tourism Chief, Ramon Jiminez, had me rolling on the floor.  Mr Jiminez took issue with the diplomat and pointed to data from immigration and passenger exit surveys that showed NO TOURISTS admitting to having sex holidays: “Instead, responses showed visitors indulging in Shopping, sightseeing and visiting friends and relatives.”  Now I might be wrong here, but I don’t think the Philippines immigration form has a Sex Tourist option under reason for visiting, I could be wrong, maybe I just never noticed it before, but even if it was there, do they seriously believe that anyone would choose that option?  Surely he is joking, or dumb, or both.

A final point does spring to mind, more irony in fact.  It’s a bit rich for the American Ambassador to opine from the high ground, when in fact the USA was instrumental in creating the demand for sex around their Military bases in the Philippines, not to mention supporting Marcos as he and his cronies impoverished the country, and as we know poverty forces women into tough choices and prostitution is one of those choices.  So Ambassador, STFU!

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Great wee snippet in SCMP today citing a study by Nanfang Daily which reports that between 1979 and 2009, 1.6 million chinese students studied abroad.  Of that figure, less than half returned home.  In fact, 1.1 million opted to turn their back on the glorious motherland, permanently.

I just can’t figure this out. Every day we’re told how fantastic it is to be Chinese and to glorify  the resurgent middle-kingdom and it’s fantastic leaders.

Oh well, perhaps some people are just fickle when it comes to their civil liberties and freedom of speech, as well as their right to have as many children as they want, the right to access any web content they want, and right to live free of from endemic corruption and pervasive nepotism.

Some people, just don’t get it when they’re told how fortunate they are to be Chinese!

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it’s not racism, just prejudice

“The seeds of prejudice are being planted in the minds of Hong Kong Children as young as three, a study has revealed.” Thus spake the SCMP today.
The article goes on:

“They were shown pictures of people with different skin colours to help them answer and were asked to give marks out of four.

One of the descriptions, “black is friendly”, scored an average of only 2.43, whereas the friendliness of white-skinned and yellow-skinned people were rated at 3.42 and 3.14 respectively. Another description which said “black is beautiful” scored only 1.37. The children gave significantly higher scores to white- and yellow-skinned people – 3.19 and 2.96 respectively.”

Now the question can only be, how can a 3 year old be “innately” prejudiced?

Ah further on we find an answer of sorts:

“Commission chairman Lam Woon-kwong said the study results showed that prejudice among children may be escalating. “We cannot underestimate the problem of discrimination at an early age. I hope the government can set up policies to start teaching the correct values at pre-school,” he said.

Professor Wong Wan-chi, of the department of educational psychology of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, was surprised by the study’s results. “Children usually do not have discriminatory attitudes at early age. As these attitudes do not exist by nature, it has more to do with their education,” she said.

Wong said parents and teachers should be more sensitive and careful about their own behaviour.

So now we know it’s learned behaviour, the “prejudice” is coming from the environment, in the case of young children, their home, or in other words their parents, so why should the government be responsible to change this behaviour, and in fact, how successful can it be if your parents are racist, sorry prejudiced.

As a last aside, if you look at the respective figures for the yellow and white responses, it seems that these kids have an overtly healthy regard for caucasians, which, were I an Asian parent, I would find very worrying.

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It’s not racism, just ignorance

There was once a comedy sketch with John Cleese, Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett. Unfortunately it’s not on you tube due to some copy right claim, for fucks sake, it’s 40 years old, but it was a parody of the English class system and went something like this: Cleese: (looking down) “I look down on him because I am upper class.”
Barker: (looking up) “I look up to him because he is upper class,” (looking down) “but I look down to him because he is lower class.” (looking straight) “I am middle class.”
Corbett: “I know my place.”
Cleese: (looking down) “I get a feeling of superiority over them.” Barker: (looking up) “I get a feeling of inferiority from him but a (looking down) feeling of superiority over him.”
Corbett: (looking up) “I get a pain in the back of my neck.”

I mention this because in Hong Kong, there is a lot of that looking up and down on people, and it was touched on briefly in an excellent article yesterday by Philip Bowring in the Sunday Morning Post. As Bowring says:
That racism is innate in our official attitudes to our East and South Asian Neighbours who constitute all the domestic helpers is well attested to by many events, not least the continued government attempt to advise hong kongers of the dangers of visiting the Philipinnes.”

An uncredited copy of the same article can be found here on Asia Sentinal:

Click Here

To really get a feel for what are some very strange opinions, I’d recommend reading the comments section and weeping.

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Poverty? Not our concern

A good quote from SCMP yesterday: Duncan Abate, a committee member of the Hong Kong Federation of Employers says: ” It is not the role of bosses to reduce our growing poverty, but that of government.” He goes on to describe the new proposed minimum wage as ‘intrusive.’  And then the clincher, he has: “No idea” how to reduce poverty but is pretty certain it should not be done through higher wages!  Oh, if brains were dynamite, the noise of Abate’s brain exploding would scarcely elicit a ‘pop’.  I think he means the government should keep subsidising the lowest paid, with cheap housing and social assistance so employers can keep paying them twenty bucks an hour.

We’re not advocating the minimum wage here, we would prefer companies illustrate their oft quoted but essentially meaningless ‘social responsibility’, by paying a wage that an individual can live on.  Say maybe just HK$8000 per month?

All over the world economists and wealthy individuals are advocates for Adam Smith and his invisible hand, mistakenly using the argument to defend the positive morality to be had ‘pursuing our own self interest.’  However Smith was well aware that, in general, the interests of the merchant class were fundamentally opposed to those of the general mass of society and would in fact deceive, oppress and exploit society, if given the opportunity.

Welcome to Hong Kong.

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Plunder OK, but no condoms please we’re catholics

An interesting wee snippet from yesterdays SCMP:  ” Missing in today’s political equation is the Catholic Church, which played a key role in the 1986 Edsa people power election.  Church leaders are more concerned with fighting condom use.  Father Melvin Castro, a top church official, told journalist Ricky Carandang that the church was prepared to back even plunderers as long as they promised not to advocate modern family planning methods.”

For any rational, sane individual who cares just a wee bit about other people, this is stomach churning stuff.  There really is not much to be said.  Suffice that without poverty, there would be no catholics, which is why the Vatican has always, historically, sided with right wing elites from South America to Spain, Ireland and Africa.  The sheer poverty in the Philipinnes is a direct result of elites plundering for decades with the connivance of pathetic priests.

Sad but there you go!  There’s more to come on the Philipinnes, mostly because I love the country, am fascinated by the tolerance and positivity of the people in face of evil and I hope to foment rebellion there!

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Filipina Nurses

An editorial in yesterdays SCMP suggested the government could solve the severe shortage of nurses in Hong Kong by employing Filipina nurses.  Great idea.  The editorial then states that the Hospital Authority cites the major stumbling block is language; most patients are Cantonese, forgetting of course that the majority of Filipinas in Hong Kong pick up Cantonese quite easily.  The editorial failed to mention the most salient reason… racism.  It’s no secret.  There are some in Hong Kong, albeit a significant minority, who believe Filipinas are no better than servants, and the use of ‘dogs eyes’ towards them, a term once exclusively reserved for the ‘gweilo’ who looked down on the local, is common.  When I first came here, I was shocked by  a young kid abusing his domestic helper in a McDonalds: “You’ll do as your told he shouted and I’ll have what I want.”  I was apoplectic at the obnoxious wee shite, I very nearly ‘cuffed him on the lug’ as they would say in Scotland, sadly, I learned it was normal for 10 year old brats to abuse their helpers in this way, the spoiled little emperors learn it from their parents.  Another time I had the misfortune to engage one of Hong Kong’s very few talkative taxi drivers who spent the journey regaling me with his exploits with prostitutes in Shenzhen.  I jokingly asked: “Why don’t you go to Wanchai where there are Filipina prostitutes.”  He  turned around while driving, looked at me as if I were mad and held his fingers to his nose.  And then there was Chip Tsao, a one-time columnist with HK magazine, amongst others, who, in an article he claimed was satire, called the Philippines a ” nation of servants.”  He did apologise and again emphasised his satirical intent, only problem is Chip, satire is supposed to funny!

Of course there are many local people who treat their helper as one of the family, but as long as there is this racist undertone towards domestic help in general and Filipina ones in particular,  don’t expect to see any Filipina nurses in Hong Kong anytime soon.

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A Tale of Two Rich Men

Two separate items got our attention in today’s Sunday Morning Post. In the letters page, Mark Peaker extols the “superior service” of Cathay Pacific when compared with other airlines his aquaintances had the misfortune to fly with over the Christmas period. Mr Peaker, from his lofty abode on the peak, very often offers his unsolicited support for Cathay Pacific, and in the past for HSBC. I wonder what his motivation is? And what the SCMP letters policy is on individuals whose letters are motivated by self-interest. No doubt Mr Peaker is a substantial shareholder in both companies and seeks to indulge in some personal PR for them in the hope he can deflect some of the more critical reports in the media, surely he cannot be a satisfied customer. They never write letters!

The second item was a quote from Ronnie Chan Chi-chung, arguing that trade seats in the legislature should stay even after the introduction of universal suffrage as they are in line with what Aristotle has to say about democracy, i.e. it should combine public opinion with participation by the elite. Ronnie obviously considers himself one of the elite. Would it be impertinent to point out that perhaps Aristotle, as a great thinker, might have had intellectuals in mind when he referred to an elite, rather than our self-centred, idiotic, but rich imbeciles like Ronny.  I’d call him a half-wit but I fear it would be a compliment.

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Assaulting Coppers

What’s in a name?

Reading SCMP today, you really have to wonder, how many of us more plebeian types, would get away with being a serial copper slapper.

Not once, not twice, but three time, most definitely not a lady.  Of course in the current climate where no one is responsible for their actions, she claims “bipolar depressive disorder”, this used to be known as being an arrogant cow, but now being an obnoxious bitch has it’s own medical term, which allows her a crutch to explain her pathetic behaviour.  If she can’t behave in a public place, not to mention safely drive a car, then she doesn’t deserve to be allowed out in public and most definitely needs a nice rest inside somewhere secure.

Try slapping a copper anywhere else in Asia and you won’t be on the streets long!

So what’s in a name? Everything’s in a name in Hong Kong.  Justice is never blind to the possible ramifications of upsetting someone with clout.  Call my Auntie. Do you  know who I am?

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