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McPherson’s Rant is an old Scots Folk Song about a Robin Hood Type Character who was hanged.

There is no connection, unless you count the “rant” part.  The world’s a strange place and sometimes a “rant” at absurdity and unfairness is just what’s required.

Here you can expect to find examples of stupidity, irony and idiocy , especially relating to Hong Kong, and with particular attention to the SCMP, and its’ letters page. A common problem with many blogs is their failure to find something new to say, I find the SCMP, and it’s letters page, provides plenty of ammunition on a daily basis and will reference them frequently. If you have your own letter not getting published, put it on our comments section.





Monthly Archives: January 2012

Laughably pathetic

Just a short one I have to get out there.

Please spare a compassionate thought today for Democratic lawmaker Wong Sing-Chi. Someone kicked him as he crossed the road.  There he was, on the front page of the City section of SCMP, in full color, pointing to the injury, a 5cm scratch on his right leg. In light of the assault, nay, grievous bodily harm if not attempted murder, he went to the police station to report it, before going to Hospital – fucking hospital!!!!!!!!!! For a scratch!  I can barely find words, but I’ll try, how’s about: “Hapless, Miserable, piteous, wretched.  None of them quite fit the bill really so I’ll settle for arsehole!

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A new year, same old Seven’s whining

Like clockwork, the public distribution of sevens tickets comes around every year, and like a comet’s tail, it’s followed by  the cacophony of voices of the disenfranchised, those who failed to get a ticket.  Last week, there was even a letter in the SCMP from a guy stating that if the government gives the HKRFU any subsidy it should be immediately withdrawn – ach a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, when you’re mentally challenged, it’s best to keep your mouth shut rather than confirm everyone’s suspicions. So Mr. Kan or whatever your name was, be assured, the HKRFU subsidizes the Government in a BIG way.  Firstly they pay a massive rental for the stadium, then a percentage of the  revenue from the Hotels running a full capacity is paid as corporation tax. Indeed a percentage of every dollar spent by the tourists coming here finds its way into Government coffers. I’m sure with the multiplier effect some economist could come up with a figure in the high tens of millions.  And as a non- profit organization the money from the sevens is put back into the Community in the guise of new pitches which the government don’t need to build, (if they ever would) then perhaps as a consequence of the 1000′s of kids playing sport and not becoming obese little emperors, the government saves millions of dollars in medical costs.  Is that enough Mr Kan?

But back to the whining, it’s always the same, ” I am a rugby fan.” I’ve been going for years.” “There are not enough tickets for the general public.” “The system is wrong, whine, whinge and waffle!

All over Hong Kong on a Saturday there are indeed thousands of Rugby Fans: They’re playing rugby, they’re watching rugby.  All over Hong Kong on a Sunday, there are indeed thousand of Rugby fans, they are working gratis as Mini- Rugby coaches, Mini- Rugby referees, Mini-rugby supporters.  Five thousand kids across the territory on a Sunday adds up to a hell of a lot of unpaid volunteers – should Mr. Armchair whiner get a ticket and not the multitude of true fans, I think not, but then again, am willing to be corrected! Actually, that’s bullshit, I’m right, get over it!

The HKRFU could sell 70,000 tickets, but they’re waiting on a government talking shop to get around to deciding where, when and how, the usual shite.  Meanwhile the HKRFU takes the flak from the whiners, it’a about time they went on the offensive.

As a last point, it’s strange irony that the whiners were also out in force when the price increase was announced.  Then returned to the fray when they couldn’t get a ticket.

I play rugby, I work at the Sevens, I’m a director of a Rugby Club, I’ve got two tickets and the other one will go to a true rugby fan!

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A new year, same old shit no doubt

Happy new year to anyone who is waiting on another post, I’ve been busy with a new project and had to set this aside for a few months, but new year always rejuvenates me, well, by the 5th am generally recovered from the excess and motivated, that lasts till February.

Anyway, to kick off the new year, I found a wee post in today’s SCMP, that had me reflecting on how strange the media is when it gets on it’s high horse.  A small post, five lines, no more, under China News, headlined “Road Victim, 5, thrown in well.  In this case a guy in Wudo county ran over a kid while reversing, as it turns out the kid only had a head injury, but the driver picked him up, drove to a well, knocked him out with a blow to the head and dumped him in the well to drown.  Just another day in China’s morally bankrupt, avaricious society.  (In case you don’t know, the popular thinking in China is;  you only pay once for an accident if the party is dead, however, if injured it gets too expensive, ergo…)

The strange question here is why no uproar similar to the recent soul searching regarding the death of two year old YU YU, run over twice by two different drivers and eventually picked up by a street cleaner, but died in hospital.

Differences?  2 year old Vs 5 year old.  A girl vs a boy. One captured on video, the other not?  Do these differences justify one becoming a cause celebre, whilst the other is nary a footnote in the events of the day?

Not really, the truth is that the press jumped on the YU YU bandwagon and rode it for as long as they could and then they dump the issue when they believe it is spent.

It reaffirms the old adage: “The press may not tell you what to think, but for sure, they tell you what you should be thinking about.”

In the earlier case YU YU was new news, now the issue is old hat.

Sucks for the five year old dead kid’s parents huh!

More on this later…


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