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McPherson’s Rant is an old Scots Folk Song about a Robin Hood Type Character who was hanged.

There is no connection, unless you count the “rant” part.  The world’s a strange place and sometimes a “rant” at absurdity and unfairness is just what’s required.

Here you can expect to find examples of stupidity, irony and idiocy , especially relating to Hong Kong, and with particular attention to the SCMP, and its’ letters page. A common problem with many blogs is their failure to find something new to say, I find the SCMP, and it’s letters page, provides plenty of ammunition on a daily basis and will reference them frequently. If you have your own letter not getting published, put it on our comments section.





Creepy Sex Pests on MTR

In “How we see it” earlier this week in the SCMP, there was an article about sex pests on the MTR.  Fair enough you might think, there are some strange people out there.  Here is the article:

“The good news is that almost all categories of crime are down on the MTR. Only pickpocketing has worsened, with the number of cases going up by 7 per cent in the first half of this year compared with the same period last year. Even sex crimes have levelled off or dropped slightly.  The bad news is that offenders are getting more ingenious and inventive.

It appears that crowded MTR stations and trains, and public transport in general, are magnets for sex pests. The overly chummy conditions make it easier for creeps to hunt for victims.  A favourite ploy has been using hidden cameras to shoot up women’s skirts.

One guy was recently arrested on suspicion of being a terrorist because an object was bulging from his leg. It turned out to be a data storage device attached to a pinhole camera in his shoe, which he used to take lewd photos of women’s underwear.

Police have seen 38 such cases in MTR stations or on trains in the first six months of the year, though most weren’t as technically involved.

Molestation is another problem, with 83 cases in MTR stations and on trains in the first six months. One victim was a two-year-old girl who had her leg touched.

This type of crime fuels calls for women-only trains. But such separation is unlikely to be effective. It further stereotypes women as victims needing special protection. And it neglects the fact that many such crimes are committed in stations, not in train compartments.

Tougher penalties, enforcement and patrolling are needed. A public education campaign is also needed to encourage bystanders to lend a hand and call out for help.”

I’ve been sitting on my reply for a few days, as I’m just not sure how to raise the below subject without being hounded out of town, but here goes.

One line stuck me as rather strange, or at least deserving of more explanation.  It says:

” Molestation is another problem, with 83 cases reported on trains in the first six months.  One victim was a two year old who had her leg touched.”

I’m sorry! Is a leg being touched molestation?  Was there a hysterical mother involved?  Was it a dirty old man, or a young kid. Was someone rubbing a kids leg, or did they brush against it?  Did it go to court?  Would a kid whose leg was rubbed know it had just been molested?

To just throw such an allegation into a commentary piece without explanation smacks of shoddy journalism and a pretty crap effort at sensationalism… oh but then again, it is the SCMP.

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