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McPherson’s Rant is an old Scots Folk Song about a Robin Hood Type Character who was hanged.

There is no connection, unless you count the “rant” part.  The world’s a strange place and sometimes a “rant” at absurdity and unfairness is just what’s required.

Here you can expect to find examples of stupidity, irony and idiocy , especially relating to Hong Kong, and with particular attention to the SCMP, and its’ letters page. A common problem with many blogs is their failure to find something new to say, I find the SCMP, and it’s letters page, provides plenty of ammunition on a daily basis and will reference them frequently. If you have your own letter not getting published, put it on our comments section.





Pontificating Papal Bull!

Firstly I have to admit to my prejudice, or should that be prejudii, as I do appear to have a number of them.  If a failure to believe in bullshit can be defined as prejudice… I’m guilty! A common prejudice you used to hear amongst the lesser bigots and idiots in Northern Ireland and the West Coast of Scotland was that you could identify a catholic easily… their eyes were closer together than ‘normal people’.  Sheer prejudice and shocking bigotry! And then I find myself looking at Ratzingberger’s eyes!  I’d  not be surprised if someone told me he was once in the Hitler Youth. What! He was! Waahh!

I’m motivated to mention him today because of two letters in the SCMP on Sunday, interestingly both were from non residents of Hong Kong, and both were full of shite!  One was from a familiar correspondent on religious matters Mr Paul Kokowski from Canada.  On this occasion he is sucking the popes, seeking to stick up commending the pope for not being intimidated by false critics blah blah blah… I can smell the bullshit all the way from Ontario Mr Kok.  One pertinent fact hitherto ignored is this: in any civilized jurisdiction failure to report a crime is a crime in itself so every single bishop or prelate or Pope who did not report perverted pedophile priests committed a crime…and should be punished…period.  Kokoski excels himself with his final paragraph:  ” Justice and Truth demand an objective analysis of the facts.”  This from a man who believes in transubstantiation, Papal infallibility and the concept of a virgin birth!  Tosser!  The other letter was from a Mr Andrew Norman, who it seems wrote a book about T.E. Lawrence, or Lawrence of Arabia as most of us know him. Lawrence was raped during the war by some Arab who’d not got his goat.  Mr Norman’s theory goes like this, the rape  led to Lawrence’s later problems in life, ergo, anal rape is a heinous crime, therefore it ruins the life of everyone who experiences it, therefore the life of everyone who was raped or molested by a priest was irrevocably damaged.  This really is an illogical argument. Lawrence was a Philosopher,  his Seven Pillars of Wisdom is worth a read, if only to illustrate what a troubled soul he could be, but we all know Philosophers are an unhappy breed to start with so to blame his whole character on his rape is disingenuous. More importantly to say that every child who was sexually abused by a priest was scarred for life is a simplistic lie, and does the more serious cases, not only of sexual assault, but of physically violent assault a terrible injustice. Children are remarkably resilient, and given the opportunity can bounce back from almost anything. But tell an adult that his failures in life are due to the fumbling of a dirty old man and that adult can suddenly justify his own failings. There is simply no valid comparison to be made between T. E. Lawrence and the current scandals engulfing the Vatican.


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