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McPherson’s Rant is an old Scots Folk Song about a Robin Hood Type Character who was hanged.

There is no connection, unless you count the “rant” part.  The world’s a strange place and sometimes a “rant” at absurdity and unfairness is just what’s required.

Here you can expect to find examples of stupidity, irony and idiocy , especially relating to Hong Kong, and with particular attention to the SCMP, and its’ letters page. A common problem with many blogs is their failure to find something new to say, I find the SCMP, and it’s letters page, provides plenty of ammunition on a daily basis and will reference them frequently. If you have your own letter not getting published, put it on our comments section.





A Tale of Two Rich Men

Two separate items got our attention in today’s Sunday Morning Post. In the letters page, Mark Peaker extols the “superior service” of Cathay Pacific when compared with other airlines his aquaintances had the misfortune to fly with over the Christmas period. Mr Peaker, from his lofty abode on the peak, very often offers his unsolicited support for Cathay Pacific, and in the past for HSBC. I wonder what his motivation is? And what the SCMP letters policy is on individuals whose letters are motivated by self-interest. No doubt Mr Peaker is a substantial shareholder in both companies and seeks to indulge in some personal PR for them in the hope he can deflect some of the more critical reports in the media, surely he cannot be a satisfied customer. They never write letters!

The second item was a quote from Ronnie Chan Chi-chung, arguing that trade seats in the legislature should stay even after the introduction of universal suffrage as they are in line with what Aristotle has to say about democracy, i.e. it should combine public opinion with participation by the elite. Ronnie obviously considers himself one of the elite. Would it be impertinent to point out that perhaps Aristotle, as a great thinker, might have had intellectuals in mind when he referred to an elite, rather than our self-centred, idiotic, but rich imbeciles like Ronny.  I’d call him a half-wit but I fear it would be a compliment.


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